Retour À La Case Départ

by Young Sparrows

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Janet Ryder Great energy and lyrics. Catchy as f*ck!! Favorite track: You Kiss Pretty Good For A Dead Girl.
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The sophomore release from Young Sparrows "Retour À La Case Départ" finds the Sparrows at a crossroads. 2012 found them on the road to big tour plans and big future goals after the release of their full length debut "We're All On The Same Team Here", and it all abruptly ended when key members quit the band directly after the debut was released.

Faced with their late 20's and wondering if there was even a point in continuing the band, the members shook off the rubble and started writing what would become "Retour À La Case Départ", which is french for "Back To Square One". These 6 songs recount the past year as a broken band reassembles. Touching on subjects like self-doubt, anger, loneliness, abandonment, and the strength of relationships.

Where most current pop punk bands sing about their friends and the joys of friendship, Young Sparrows wonder if the ones they had were ever really there at all. "Retour À La Case Départ" is a 25 minute long journey inside the minds of 4 conflicted young men, with wide eyes, open hearts, and only want to be heard.


released August 27, 2013

Produced and Engineered by Travis Saunders
Mixed and Mastered by Mike A. Taylor

the Young Sparrows at the time of this recording were:
Adam Gabert: Guitar
Shei Mah: Drums
Kevin Moore: Vocals
Jeff Nowatzki: Bass
Mike Taylor: Guitar

All songs written and performed by Young Sparrows ©2013 [SOCAN]



all rights reserved


Young Sparrows Kelowna, British Columbia

Young Sparrows are a pop-punk/rock band from Kelowna, British Columbia, that has been in existence since late 2009.
They have gone through a few member changes to find their sound. Having released a full album (We're All On The Same Team Here) in 2012, they are focusing their sights forward with their 2013 EP release (Retour à la Case Départ).
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Track Name: You Kiss Pretty Good For A Dead Girl
This is dedicated to my former self
I left you behind, you were violent
And bad for my health

I won't be silent,
I won't change who I am,
Not for you, not for anyone

Every year, this city burns down
Clearing all our homes out
There's children holding protest signs
Outside the hospital, I think we lost it all
I"ll make a league of my own

I've had enough of your shit, because you don't really mean it
No, you don't really mean it

This is dedicated to the here and now,
To the ones who never treated me well
I've seen through your smile, this monster's your child
She'll suffer for the taste of something sweet
In the end, it's you that couldn't live without me

And I'll gladly bury your body
Track Name: Face Eraser
Well I thought I'd try to keep this simple
A few words on paper
To tell you how this really feels
How do you think I feel?

Damned if I do, damned if I don't
So I guess I'll burn a few more bridges
With my hands around your throat,
It's time I take my chances

I'm trying my best to keep this simple,
Saying things I won't regret
But with your hands around my neck
I hope you choke me to death

I found a way to scratch my name from your memory
You're left erasing her face, it makes me sick
But the way she broke your heart was poetic justice
For the shit you said about me and your friends
While you were trying to keep her happy now

So clean my mess up like you always do,
I'll be waiting in the wings to say 'I told you so'

Are you happy now?
Are you happy?
Track Name: Wolfman (feat. Alex Tilley & Ravi Bhatti)
I'm sick of the rings under my eyes
I'm so sick of being the nice guy, I think it's time I told you my side
When you ran away, I think you left your heart in Michael's basement
(You left us hangin') so let's just face it (I can't change it)

I put my faith in foolish sons of foolish fathers
I put my head in my hands

When you sang, it put my heart into motion
And then you packed your things and headed west to the ocean

And you left me a painting, so I could see your talent
Even though, you thought you never had it
When you ran away, you told me it's a 12x9 and I should frame it
(You thought I'd hang it) so let's just face it (there's no replacement)

So raise your white flag,
Give up on the things I thought you believed in
I'm sure you probably had your reasons

I raised no white flag,
I didn't give up on the things I believed in
I just needed change from these lonely feelings
Track Name: You Are A Good Man, Larry Ward
The winter faded fast this year and that's okay with me.
I never liked the icy roads that lay beneath my feet and heartbreaking notes for my eyes to read
Why does snow bury happiness at three feet deep?
We'll find a way
We'll make it out okay and hit this city like a wrecking ball,
Like ghosts, we'll never sleep.

How can you call this home
When no one here knows that you're around?

I thought I'd hate it in Los Angeles
and I swore I'd never write about California
But now it's right where I want to be so I prep myself for sadness
'Cause you'll never be a part of me.

I've swallowed enough dust (and it burns inside my lungs)
If I was where you were i'd get paid to write these songs
I do it 'cause I love it but the heartache's so cliche
Another minute in this shit-hole adds up to losing all my days.

I guess you'll stay all alone
'Cause you're never ever leaving this sad and sorry town.

The dress you wore that night was scandalous
Well I thought, I'd take the time to get to know you
But now I'm back at home alone with me
Will I ever head that way again to California?

I thought I'd hate it,
You'll never be a part of me
Track Name: Archers & Lemonade (feat. Travis Saunders)
Lightning strikes in the valley tonight
And I looked at all your pictures
'Cause I forgot what you looked like when you're awake
So climb into my web, and love me for my darkest corners

But don't tell me, tell me, tell me what's worth dying for
An easy target on my heart
So aim your arrows
In love and war, anything goes

She said 'I'm only prettiest when I'm thinking about you'
Well I'm a ship that's sailed, christened by the bottles you threw at me

Strike now, and ask questions later
Strike now